Monday, July 26, 2010

Some paper, tape and bubble wrap and a design

So here was my design ...
and Here is what I created.

There was a craft workshop at Benningbrough hall while we wee visiting today and we got to create costumes using inspiration from period costumes they showed us. I chose to make a whole dress and my friend Alexandra made the hat while her sister did another dress. The catch was that you had to use the materials they had there which were paper rolls, straws, burlap, feathers, pompoms, tape, scissors and bubblewrap. there was also a small bit of material scraps and ribbons. Above is a picture of the dress I made using entirely paper, tape and bubblewrap. It was fun and we even got to have a photoshoot that will be in tommorrows Yorkshire press. I cannot wait to see it. This is Alexandras hat above and below is franchesca's dress.

Hope you like it. I had a blast! Belle

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mussie tussie - Our Vintage Affair June Challenge

Here is a mussie tussie that me and mom worked on together. We made the tussie using K and Co paper, lace and ribbon. The plaid paper around the top is folded to look like a ribbon(mom did this). It is topped with Lace and then cream satin ribbon. The flowers are all handmade by me using Bog shot die cuts, K and Co paper, book pages, ink, and beading supplies. I made each flower a bit different. The bottom of the tussie then has little ribbons with more beading I did with a lace ruffle. I really like beading alot. Mom helped put the tussie together. The feathers were also my idea because of the photos we took of the baby birds. This project is for the Our Vintage Affair June challenge.

Above is a close up of the handmade flowers.

this picture above is of the bottom with the beading.

this is another closeup of my favourite of the flowers. The picture below is the inspiration we used to create the Mussie Tussie. We have 4 baby birds nesting in the doorway outside. In this picture you can just see one of them.

I hope you like our project and I love to read comments if you would be so kind as to leave me one. thank you for dropping in. Belle

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guess what!!!

We went to the fish store this past weekend to get some more girl fish for the boys in the tank since a few got sick and died. Well last night we found more babies! One of the new fish had babies and there are about 20 of them although you can only see a few in this picture! they are so tiny but since this is the baby tank the other fish do not bother them. the fish next to them is Mad hatter he is crazy! We already have the fish nursery filled with babies from the last batch and now we have more. Good thing we brought some of the original babies to the fish store. Gotta get on to my homework now. thanks for stopping in and have a sunny day! Belle

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Projects from Mad Hatter event...

Here are the 2 projects I did at the Art from the heart Mad hatter event Sunday. The first is a tag I made using Paint techniques and stamping. The other project is a folded mini book using fun papers and diecuts. Hope you like them I really loved making them. Belle

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm mad.......for making hats.

This is the hat I made to wear at the Art from the heart anniversary party this weekend. I decided to make a buggy hat. Why??? Because I love bugs and especially butterflies and beetles. I used an idea Ms Elliot at school gave me for using wire to form the hat. Mom helped me by giving me a coat hanger and bending it. then she lent me some batting, material and thread. I also got her to teach me how to use her sewing machine(which I have been trying for a long time). I told her it would be quicker than sewing the whole thing by hand. It was fun.....I made all the butterflies from paper using a template I got from a class we took. I also made a big butterfly from extra dollhouse material we had and added flowers, bling and bug stickers. Mommy seemed to really like the hat too and took alot of pictures of me making it that you can view on her blog Pages by the Sea. This is the picture of the finished hat next to Moms

I got to wear the hat to Art from the Heart today . We had a really good time. I got to take 2 mini classes and had a yummy muffin. Miss Dyan was there to talk to and show some fun things being made. And guess what ! I even won a few things....A wall hanging merrychristmas sign, a journaling kit and a Family box. I will take pictures of them tomorrow and post them. It was a really fun day. If you like my hat please leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think. thanks for looking and hope you like it. Belle

Monday, May 3, 2010

Colour create challenge 43 posted by Belle

This is the card I made for the colour create challenge # 43 which was black, cream and burnt orange. I had a hard time finding something burnt orange but Mommy helped me find the colour. I used scraps from our scrap bin for all the colours and black gloss paper. the stamp is Sugar Nellie. I used our big shot and flower diecut to make the flower and the brads are from Moms stuff. Hope you like it. thanks for looking! Belle

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first post

This is my first post and a picture of a card I did for the simon Says kids challenge although Mommy did not get my blog started in time for the deadline but I will post it anyway. I used my new stamps from the Harrogate show. I also used some scrap paper from Mommys scrap box, prima flowers, pearls and ribbon. I colored the picture using my watercolour pencils Miss Anne Mary gave me when we moved to England. Hope you like it. If you do please leave me a comment! thanks Belle.