Monday, July 26, 2010

Some paper, tape and bubble wrap and a design

So here was my design ...
and Here is what I created.

There was a craft workshop at Benningbrough hall while we wee visiting today and we got to create costumes using inspiration from period costumes they showed us. I chose to make a whole dress and my friend Alexandra made the hat while her sister did another dress. The catch was that you had to use the materials they had there which were paper rolls, straws, burlap, feathers, pompoms, tape, scissors and bubblewrap. there was also a small bit of material scraps and ribbons. Above is a picture of the dress I made using entirely paper, tape and bubblewrap. It was fun and we even got to have a photoshoot that will be in tommorrows Yorkshire press. I cannot wait to see it. This is Alexandras hat above and below is franchesca's dress.

Hope you like it. I had a blast! Belle